Main problems of an air conditioner

If you think that your air conditioning may have some kind of damage, before contacting a good at aircon servicing professional, you must take a series of precautionary measures:

  • Cut the power supply and unplug the equipment, to avoid any damage.
  • Do not wet the indoor unit or the outdoor unit when cleaning. A damp cloth is enough.
  • To be more specific, when cleaning the units it is advisable to use a soft and dry cloth or slightly moistened with water.
  • If you consider that the problem may be that it does not cool down, you check windows and doors, that the appliance is switched on and that the filters are in optimal hygienic conditions.

If this does not bring the solution, you continue analyzing.

Main problems of an air conditioner

An air conditioner without adequate maintenance can generate long-term problems that youcannot always solve without the help of a professional.To be able, at least, to locate what the problem may be, let’s list the most common failures:

  • Equipment without gas due to a leak or a lack of recharge.
  • Noise of water flow during operation.
  • The compressor does not heat. In this case, the owner of the air conditioner observes that the equipment has stopped cooling.
  • The unit does not turn on.
  • The compressor does not start.
  • Compressor failure.

All these problems can arise from having an air conditioning machine, and above all if you do not take good care of it.

Solutions of the main problems of an air conditioner

Once you know what the main problems are and, knowing that you have to contact a Good at aircon servicing Singapore Company to repair it, let’s see what the solutions can be to each of them:

Equipment without gas due to a leak or lack of recharge: When an air conditioner is out of gas due to a possible leak, you should first examine if there is such a leak. Once located, you proceed to recharge the gas.If the problem is not the leak but the lack of recharging, the process reduces to only perform one gas recharge.

Noise of water flow during operation: The sound is usually caused by the compressor or the evaporator. However, this does not really mean that the equipment has a fault; it is simply that you have made a bad choice in the purchase of a model that is not silent.

The compressor does not heat up: Observing that the air does not cool makes us think directly about a compressor problem. The solution comes from the hand to locate the possible leak and weld the hole that is causing the gas outlet. Then you should recharge it to avoid having a later problem.

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