CRM in marketing as the effective tool for interaction with clients

assumes the collection of data on clients and their analysis. Work with potential buyers is conducted that leads to an increase in sales. Why your CRM in marketing is essential? And what it CRM in marketing The explanation for it is offered by Suresh Vittal, the vice-president and the chief analyst of the research company Forrester Research: “Sales managers can’t just act as hunters anymore; they have to become fishermen. They have to study where there lives their production; to find what bait is the best and to define what tactics it is better to use to catch on a hook”.

According to the consulting company SiriusDecisions, up to 70% of client shops even before inclusion in the business of the specialist in sales. Which means most of the purchases are made before addressing to the company and contacting the sales manager. The client has already somewhat studied the question and its possible decisions. To use CRM in marketing — means to connect points between researches of clients, the marketing companies and sales department.


How does it work? For many years marketing specialists not fully used valuable information on clients. And only with the development of modern technologies, including CRM processing and the analysis of Big Data it has become possible. CRM in marketing gives the chance to get high-quality leads to pass above on a funnel of sales and as a result to increase sales volume:

● Allocate behavior trends on the Internet. Marketing automation gives the chance to keep track of the activity of visitors on the website, to reveal their interests. Such information will make a “cold” call “warm”, and respectively, more effective.
● Eliminate weak leads. The symbiosis of marketing and CRM gives the chance to conduct potential clients in a favorable way, eliminating loss of leads which aren’t interested (or are a little interested) in the offer. Such process of elimination allows working in the automated mode most effectively with potential clients.

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