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Patch 3D Modeling – The Facts Found on3D Artist Portfolio Websites

Are you interested in mastering a new type of 3d modeling? We’ve looked through different 3d artists websites and collected the main information about patch modeling.

Patch 3D Modeling – The Facts Found on 3D Artist Portfolio Websites

If you want to master a new type of 3d modeling, you’ve opened the right page. Today we’ll tell you more about patch 3d modeling: what it is, who does it and which results this modeling type gives. Are you ready to create the best 3d artist portfolio website? Add a new skill there!

Briefly about patch modeling

A patch is a flat grid consisted of a range of objects. Patch modeling is based on the use of surfaces, the shape of which is controlled with a deformation grid. The grid has some peaks, and an artist can change their position to create the necessary shape.

Patch 3d modeling software

Try to find the suitable programs on 3d artist portfolio websites, and you’ll see they usually work on 3ds Max. This software is simple and reliable, it gives 3d artists high-quality visualization and effective 3d animation. The main advantage is that one can combine the ready-made project with other programs like Revit, Fusion 360 etc.

Where to start your 3d modeling journey?

If you’ve never worked with the mentioned software, online courses will help you. We’ve collected some of them to direct you in 3d patch modeling.

  1. Udemy offers several courses devoted to 3D Max. Skilled animation experts will learn you the basic principals of this program, show how to apply them while working with interiors and how to use your knowledge in art and animation.
  2. To add you and your 3d artist portfolio website some expertise, finish a course on Coursera. Know how to develop your skills in architecture, game industry and other fields.
  3. Autodesk Design Academy will teach you how to transform objects, manage the scene and work with splines. Visit their website to find educational videos and articles.

Is this type worth mastering?

A lot of professionals say patch modeling is limited in its abilities, however, in some cases, the result is artful and seamless. You should better consider 3d patch modeling as a reliable base for your future developments.

The presence of online courses and people’s demand for them prove that a 3d visualization artist can add this point to his/her portfolio. In future this skill can bring you a good client, and having 3d modeling knowledge is never too much.

Where to find inspiration to become a 3d artist?

We recommend you visiting 3dreach website as this company has long working experience. They’ve been working with vehicles, interior, exterior, game and other types of modeling. So take a look at their 3d artist portfolio websiteand get inspired to get the same result.

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