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How You Can Be Greatly Benefitted from Abby Fine Reader

As we commented in another of my articles, recently we found ourselves in a complicated situation when we received a multi-page script in a PDF, composed entirely of a series of images, which we had to transform into text. The process was a bit more difficult since, most of the contracts and legal documents are printed in a format framed in a table that has a series of side-by-side stripes, a header and a series of stamps (which have different orientations) and badges in the periphery, which generate noise at the moment of trying to convert images to text. To make matters worse, we did not have any software on my personal computer to perform this conversion.

The interface of ABBYY FineReader 14

Well, the first thing we have to say is that when we opened abbyyfinereader 12 we was very pleased with the ease and stability of the software. FineReader 12 has a clear structure, in which it is easy to locate and find the relevant contents in the following sections:

Open: in this part it is possible to view and edit PDF documents or open the OCR editor to convert documents to PDF, Word, Excel or other image formats and then proceed to verify them.

Scan: in this part it is possible to scan documents, verify the recognized texts through OCR, make editions manually by areas or types and, finally, pass the result to PDF, Word, Excel, other image formats or formats such as .RTF , ODT and others.

Compare: in this option it is possible to find the differences in the text of two or more versions of the same document, so they are not in the same format (in my tests we compared Word documents with PDFs) and export the result of said comparison to a document.

The tests of ABBYY FineReader 14

At the beginning of the process we decided to take a quick look at the tutorial of the application, which gave me a general idea of ​​the things we could achieve using the software in question.

Later, we proceeded to browse the options of the application since it apparently supports more than 190 languages ​​(since the results of the #OCR depend to a large extent on the language to which the texts must be converted and, obviously, on the quality of the document. entry, be it an image, photo or file).Wewere really surprised by the amount of options that exist at the level of in General, Image processing, Languages, OCR Editor, Formats and others (interface language, hardware used for processing and many more).

With the clear options, we got to work and took some pictures with my #smartPhone from a double-page cookbook and tried to do an OCR process, to turn the details of the recipes into images. The result was interesting since ABBYY FineReader 14 separated each page and gave me the option to edit the text and include the images and tables.

How to Keep Your T Zone Matte and Clear

The dreaded t-zone – no matter what type of skin we glamazons might have, this tricky area tends to be problematic. Oily-skinned girls are well-aware that the forehead and bridge of the nose tend to get oily and quickly. And girls with drier skin can also experience similar problems with combination skin issues. So just how does one keep that pesky t-zone in check? From moisturizers to serums, face masks and primers – we’ve got your mattifying and cleansing products to ensure your t-zone stays unclogged and shine-free. Prepare to put away your Tom Ford sunglasses, you’ll want to show that face off from now on!

Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion

Clarins has made this wonderful moisturizer perfect for us beauty gurus with combination skin. While moisturizing oily areas may seem counter-intuitive, it’s necessary since avoiding it will only cause skin to produce even more oil. Spread this goodness over the t-zone and other oily areas for a matte yet hydrating feel.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay

First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Purifying Mask does just that – it gives blackhead prone t-zone a deep cleanse that removes acne inducing oily build-up. Your skin will feel tighter, cleaner, and fresher after leaving this intense mask on for twenty minutes

Ark Clearing Skin Response Serum

We here at Haute Appetite love a good serum. Ark’s Clearing Skin Response serum has that tingly effect on skin which makes it effective and oh-so-satisfying. This antibacterial serum is perfect for toning and ridding the t-zone of micro-bacterial build-up.

Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer

This stuff is an absolute lifesaver for prepping oily skin before applying makeup. This miracle primer lives up to its photo finish name as it smooths and mattifies skin and actually lasts all day. Another pro? A little goes a long way. The tiniest dollop is more than enough to luxuriously cover your entire t-zone.

Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment

If a mattifying primer alone isn’t enough for you, add an extra punch with Cover FX’s primer which is not only mattifying but combats acne as well. It’s lightweight and minimizes pores all the while combating acne with effective anti-acne ingredients. You’ll never have to feel guilty about covering acne-prone skin with makeup again!

Watch movies online: you need to know the proper way

Recently there have been quite a lot of different genres in the film industry. Every day there are all new films that are getting better and better. Based on the latest cinema innovations it can be argued that the evolution in the cinema is grooming with a great progression. For example take the latest movie news such as X-Men or Transformers 4 to watch more pleasant in the movie or at home with friends. After all it is a movie that is quite popular among young people and it is more pleasant to watch with friends in Moviebox for pc. Such films as Godzilla, X-Men or Transformers 4 will not be boring to watch as the latest films really make people worry and watch with special interest.

How to see online movies: Streaming or VOD?

Sometimes there is a desire to relax with friends, acquaintances and join the high art to spend a pleasant time with family and visit an entertainment center. This is one of the topical issues of true connoisseurs of cinema. And yet the result of all this is that home watching a movie or in a movie theater will not give you any difference from what you see but what can prevent you from pleasantly watching it depends on your decision. Of course, everyone’s opinions are different so you can always read a small annotation to the film. And considering all this you can safely choose a movie online to your liking.

You always want to see some real cinema although modern cinema is designed to achieve commercial and as well as advertising and entertainment purposes. This makes it difficult to choose a good movie and no one has a desire to watch everything. A lot of modern films are not only mediocre but also harmful. Therefore, when choosing which films to watch it is important to listen to the opinions of friends and acquaintances about the previously watched films.

Conclusion: watching films

Share your opinions and impressions about the films that you liked the most and discuss them in a friendly and pleasant company. This will help to create a specific list of modern films that are worth watching online. And for the rest you can download Moviebox APK to enjoy great cinema anywhere and anytime you want. Since modern development does not stand still in our century of high technologies there are many ways to find out which films are in the box office. A large amount of information on watching movies online is available on the Internet where movies are placed on sites and trailers and reviews are attached immediately. And you can always see the assessment of users who have already watched a movie.

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